Cooling capacity: 30-450 kW

The frame is made of stable, welded and 2-fold painted U-steel profiles

Shell and tube heat exchanger as an evaporator, design steel shell with copper tube, insulated, with certificate of manufacture and pressure test for pressure vessels of the test group II

Semi-hermetic single or tandem reciprocating compressor, suction gas cooled, with electronic motor protection device, part-winding coil, oil pressure differential pressure switch, suction shut-off valve and discharge shut-off valve, crankcase heater
Optional at higher powers: Screw compressor

Shell and tube heat exchanger as condenser, with certificate of manufacture and pressure test for pressure vessel test group II, equipped with a cool water regulation valve optional controlled by the refrigerant pressure controls and solenoid valve on the water inlet side of the condenser

Cooling circuit:
Cooling circuit made from copper tube with silver solder / solder brazed, equipped with filter drier, sight glass, thermostatic expansion valve, filling connections. Solenoid valve and shut-off valve installed in the liquid line, shut-off valves on the low and high pressure side of the cooling circuit

The chillers are operated with the legally approved refrigerants

Manometer panel: Option
Manometer with high and low pressure manomenter for monitoring the operating conditions within the cooling circuit

Control cabinet
Electric control cabinet, lockable, according to VDE 0100, equipped with the following components:

  • Main switch
  • Fuses
  • Contactors and overload relays for all motors
  • Universally usable electronic temperature control with potential-free relay outputs
  • Digital temperature display
  • Operation and fault message lighting
  • Potential-bound remote switch-on
  • Potential-free collective fault

Safety protection devices:
Safety protective devices such as frost protection switch and flow monitoring at the evaporator, 2 pcs. high pressure-safety limiter and overflow valve to prevent excess pressure in the cooling circuit, low pressure limiter against pressure deficit in the cooling circuit


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