Cleaning machines take over the automatic cleaning of the milk tank. The cleaning and disinfection of the milk tank is important to avoid the proliferation of germs to milk residues.


  • Control box mounted with milk temperature thermostat and digital display and wired
  • cleaning machine fitted with metering pumps and flexible timer and wired in the control box
  • agitator and motor (30 U / min) mounted and wired
  • Rotating spray arm for intensive cleaning
  • water connection: 2 x 3/4" for hot and cold water
  • Straight-through valve NW 50/50
  • Cleaning time: 30-40 min.
  • Available with additional heating 9kw

Milk cooling controller

  • Reliable control of milk
  • Multi-function digital display
  • Variable cooling and stirring function: Cool start delay, stirring and interval stirring, emergency cooling, and much more


  • Flexible control of the cleaning program
  • Individual adaptation to operational requirements

Automatic dosing pumps

  • Accurate and reliable metering of the cleaning and disinfecting solution

Milk outlet valve

  • Milk outlet valve optionally as washing valve with lateral outlet and stainless steel cap

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