LISTER is your specialist for refrigeration and cooling technology. In industry and agriculture, various cooling systems and cooling circulation systems for the production processes are needed. We manufacture high-performance industrial cooling equipment, milk cooling systems - as well as custom-made specifically to customer requirements.


Industrial Cooling Systems

In many areas of industry, cooling water is needed for the smooth production process. LISTER designs and manufactures modern and efficient cooling systems. Solutions tailored to the customer needs, is the strength of LISTER.

Industrial cooling systems


Milk Cooling Plants

For every size of operation, the proper technique. LISTER has the right cooling system for every farmer. Excellent workmanship and advanced cooling technology make the LISTER - milk cooling plants a quality product. Our products range from specially developed for the milking robot tank, up to the immersion cooler for smaller businesses.

Milk cooling plants

LISTER cooling plants are certified
according to DIN EN ISO 9001