LISTER offers compact and powerful clippers for professional shearing of small animals as well as for the detailed shaving of horses and cattle. Our shearing machines are developed using the latest technical possibilities.

The impressive pulling power of the engines combined with the latest cutting head technology enables a clean and reliable shave for the professional and amateur shearer A wide range of clippers and clipper blades allows the use of our shearing machines for almost every species.

The LISTER shearing clippers allow a hassle-free shear in any situation thanks to the excellent shaving head technology and powerful engines.

Continuous improvements and new developments of housing, motor, fan and shaver head guarantee reliable use for the amateur and the professional clippers. The typical LISTER ventilation system ensures a low heat development on the motor housing and the shaving head even when shearing for longer periods.




  • Smooth-running engines with power reserve
  • Motor circuit breaker for protection against extreme overload to prevent the motor defects
  • Especially handy and service-friendly shell design
  • Powerful fan for pull-through ventilation for continuous cooling of engine, shaving head and shear knives
  • Moisture-proof capacitors
  • Pluggable PCB permanently lubricated with integrated components construction
  • Fully enclosed gear protects against the ingress of dirt and hair
  • Generous air filter can be removed and cleaned
  • Oil distributor in the shaving head that directs the oil exactly to the required locations
  • With a full-eccentric used as a counterbalance to the blade movement, significantly reducing the vibration of the machine and best guaranteeing the best shearing performance
  • Perfected interchangeable upper knife support. A particularly smooth-running point support with permanent lubrication
  • Overcurrent release with VDE mark
  • All machines are ready for connection; fully equipped with shearing blades and come in a sturdy plastic case