Milk cooling tanks, lying

Milk tanks are used for temporary storage of the milk until it is collected. A fast cooling of the milk is important to safeguard the quality. Therefore, the milk tanks are equipped with powerful cooling units.

LISTER milk cooling tanks in horizontal design, we offer a volume from 1000 to 22000 liters (also available with heat recovery). Larger milk cooling tanks we deliver on request.

Cleaning machine

Chillers, direct expansion

Milk cooling tank, milking robot


  • The milk tank is made inside and out of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The cooling method: Direct evaporator or ice water cooling via tap evaporator
  • The refrigerant connections are space saving - located below or above - at the tank rear wall.
  • Polyethane rigid foam insulation (CFC-free)
  • Adjustable dish feet that fit given unevenness
  • Ladder, constructed, from tank size 2500 liters
  • Manhole with swing arm manhole cover
  • ventilation hood
  • milk outlet NW 50 (thread)


Type: TDKEO (lying, oval)

Technical data

Type: TDKER (lying, round)

Technical data

Milk cooling tanks - standing

LISTER milk cooling tanks are available in vertical design with a capacity of 1000 to 1900 liters (bigger milk cooling tanks on request). The purification of a milk cooling tanks takes place fully automatic (also available with heat recovery).


  • Made of stainless steel 1.4401.
  • The tank cleaning takes place through an inbuilt spray head.
  • Gentle milk treatment by milk agitator with 30 U / min.
  • The creaming of the milk is prevented by an automatic clock.

Type: TDR (standing)

Technical data

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