In one to two years pre-cooling gains the investment costs.

What does the plate cooler do?

The plate cooler saves electricity costs. An effective pre-cooling reduces the temperature of the milk. From 35 to about 20 ° C. Thus, the milk must not be cooled down from 31 to 4 °, but only to 16 °. This reduces the running time of the refrigeration unit by 40 to 50%, and your electricity costs are almost halved. Thus, the plate cooler pays off mostly after one to two years.

The plate cooler improves milk quality.

A rapid cooling of the milk stops the growth of germs and thus the good quality of the milk is ensured. The longer your milking takes, the longer the milk remains warm in conventional cooling method. Here a powerful cooling is especially important to keep your milk money not at risk. The easiest and cheapest solution is to pre-cool the milk with a plate cooler.

The plate cooler accelerates the milk cooling.

A fast milk cooling helps you to achieve the required milk temperature in time if your milk is already picked up shortly after milking.