Lister "Bacto Protect" - a clean thing

No chance for bacteria

Bacteria in the barn? - LISTER has the solution

Due to different environmental influences animals and humans encounter hidden bacteria daily. A certain amount is important for the organism, but the small size may turn large quickly and therefore no longer be manageable and healthy.
A significant bacterial and germ source, which is often very underestimated, is the animal trough in the barn. Through it, the animal takes the most important form of nutrition daily - the water. Actually quite harmless, as it is available with us in very good quality and in sufficient quantities. The trough is contaminated through feed or saliva, which degrade the quality and bacteria give a breeding ground.
Whether summer or winter, germs and pathogens carry out mischief here all year round. Especially in the winter they feel on home in heated soaking at 30 ° C or 40 ° C. A simple anti-bacterial solution without chemical additives or antibiotics did not exist before, however.

But now, we have responded and introduced the innovative series "Bacto Protect" on the market after an intensive development phase. As innovative as the name are the properties of the patented drinkers as well. It allows, through its use in the stable, to minimise a common source of pathogens by stopping bacterial growth with its functional surface made of special plastic and antibacterial synthetic material, immediately after contact with the surface. After 24 hours up to 90% of the pathogens are killed.