The new "Akku Li-Ion" Battery clipping machine

Battery clipper with new Lithium-Ion battery, 2000 mAh capacity and approximately 23% less weight compared to the Equi Akku Perfekt battery clipper. Fatigue-free shearing with this cordless clipper is no problem within a shearing period of up to 60 minutes.
The very smooth operating clipping machine can be handled in an easy way due to its slim and relatively short housing. The high performance engine guarantees perfect shearing results.
The whole weight of the machine could be reduced because of the new Lithium-Ion battery technology. It has got a positive effect on the weight balance as well.
This allows to shear fatigue-free for a longer time compared to other clippers.

The EQUI AKKU LI-ION machine will be delivered with black coated clipping head VIII, set of blades, battery charger and special clipper oil in a robust plastic case.

Power supply: 7.2 V DC, by the new Lithium-Ion battery with 2000 mAh
Rated power: comparable to a 100 watt mains power clipper
Cutting speed: ~ 2.100 double strokes per minute
Dimensions: 50 x 49 x 300 mm
Noise level: ca. 72 dB (A)
Drive system: single step, encapsulated, self-lubricating
Clipping head: SK VIII,aluminium black coated
Cutter drive system: “whispering” oscillating cutter drive system with pressure distributor for longer lifespan runs extremely quiet
Weight: only 880 g
Compatible clipping blades: LC 102, LC 122, LC 1253, LC 106, LC 107
Battery running time: up to 60 minutes (2000 mAh Lithium-Ionen battery)
Charging time: ~ 50 minutes

The Lithium Ion batteries (short-cut: Li-Ion)
describe a new improved battery technology
that shows a higher energy density
compared to the so far used NiCd and NiMh
It can be saved more energy compared to
the conventional used batteries at same
capacity on a smaller area because of the
smaller and lighter construction of this kind
of battery.
This allows a reduction of the size and
weight of the machine itself and it paved
the way to design the machine in